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This series of artworks is rapidly evolving and covers a broad range of topics and imagery. Many of the themes derive from a sense of self as an observer, or diary that alludes to a feeling, place, or time. In certain works there is overlap but the overall consistency is based off the line work which is derived from the sketches.

For many years I have spent a majority of my artistic time in my sketchbooks when a studio was not possible or I was working 60+hr weeks on the road. I felt compelled to take the small musings and gestural shapes that had been piling up and make them larger and concrete... hence the Coloring Book name was begun.

One thing that happens when working small is there is an expediency that I love and also a wonderful sense of composition that naturally comes out. I enjoy that I don’t have to change much and the pre-determined layout allows me to make decisions in the final piece that are advantageous to experimentation… my main objective. 


This Series is Ongoing

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