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Blossom St. Bridge

This Mural is along the walkway that goes underneath the Blossom Bridge on the Cayce side of the river. Designed with the Cayce area along the river and my Family in mind, it conjures familiar memories of childhood and the land and history at large. Each object has a meaning or memory behind it, as well as written word at the top and a message in symbols at the bottom. This Mural is also dedicated to my Grandparents who recently passed away. They had a house not too far up the same river. My time spent at their house with family and with them inspired much of this Art. They were supportive of me and they were loving and kind to all. I tried to convey and put that love into this mural as well as my memories from time spent at their house as a youth fishing and swimming in the pond and river and roaming the woods. This mural tackles many different elements as well, from short form writing to faux brick... but it is also descriptive. I do this for families, so as they walk by they can spot things and point them out. This mural is the second I have done for the City of Cayce (many thanks to the Cayce Beautification Foundation). It is done in a sketchbook style as well. (also see--> News Clip)

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