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Why Radio?

The first definition of Radio as defined by the Webster's

Dictionary is: of, relating to, or operated by radiant energy.

And Radiant: sending out light; shining or glowing brightly.

The concept of a person as a beacon or tower that is sending and receiving signals is what led to the name. Although "WKRBC" is an arbitrary arrangement that was chosen based off how easily it rolled of the tongue, I see it now as an Acronym I hold close to my chest. Perhaps Fruedian, it represents my family and ties to youth and area where I grew up. The numeric code for my station is 98.6 F or 37 degree Celcius - Human Frequency. 


The gist of the message is to remove myself from the picture and replace it with an idea. The hopes for this idea is built on the premise of starting a business that works within the art realm. When I relieve myself from certain art world ties it creates an umbrella where many topics can be adressed as well as styles and content. The mission of the business is to provide myself and others (such as Adults with Autism) a place to work and find purpose. This is made possible with intent by winning over people by providing them with a solid, yet beautiful and meaningful product and experience. 

Here is a concept for future sections to be added -->

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